PRESS RELEASE 20.07.2021

TriStyle Group establishes digital unit

TriStyle Customerce accelerates growth and digitalisation of Peter Hahn and Madeleine

Munich, 20 July 2021 - The TriStyle Group is driving further growth and the ongoing digitalisation of Peter Hahn and Madeleine by founding the digital unit TriStyle Customerce.

The TriStyle Group will soon push the cross-brand, digital sales as well as the data-based marketing of the TriStyle companies Peter Hahn and Madeleine via the powerful, newly founded TriStyle Customerce GmbH. With a team of 40 experts, a joint e-commerce platform will be set up for the two TriStyle companies and the personalised tone for the respective target groups will be further developed across various channels. The new company will bundle the competences for web development, product management of the online shops, web analytics and the operation of the online marketing channels.

A high-performance e-commerce platform together with dialogue-oriented online marketing measures are growth drivers for the long-term success and further internationalisation of the TriStyle Group, and they are therefore crucial strategic cornerstones. "Our target groups use digital platforms extensively and adeptly. With our brands, we find ourselves in a very dynamic and competitive environment in which the importance of digital channels continues to grow. Therefore, bundling our know-how and establishing a digital unit is an important step, not least in view of our existing successful presence in 13 countries." according to Daniel Gutting, CEO of TriStyle Group.

Customerce is a subsidiary of TriStyle Mode GmbH and thus a sister company of Peter Hahn and Madeleine. The management will be assumed by Tobias Becker from the TriStyle Group and Marcus Wagner from Peter Hahn. The company is based in Stuttgart.

"With Customerce, we are creating an efficient and strong unit that will form the basis for the marketing and sales of all companies in the group and which will provide a powerful technological platform for Peter Hahn and Madeleine," according to Tobias Becker.

Marcus Wagner adds: "Through holistic marketing solutions, our customers receive perfectly tailored offers via the right channel at the right time. Our DNA at Customerce is bold, data- and technology-driven and innovative."

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The Tristyle Group, headquartered in Munich, unites the independently managed mail order and e-commerce companies PETER HAHN and MADELEINE under one roof. As part of the equity investor Equistone Partners Europe, it specialises in the growing market for high-quality women's fashion in the 45 + target group. It operates in 13 countries with around 1,400 employees and generated sales of around €544 million in the 2019/2020 financial year with its two companies PETER HAHN and MADELEINE.

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